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Adipex P 37.5 Mg

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What to eat to lower cholesterol you

Nuts, snack

If you want to lower harmful cholesterol levels, you should not become a vegetarian, but to be more weighted. You can reduce the number of portions of meat, replacing them with soy preparations rich in protein and soluble fiber. Give up fast food foods including potato chips and baked goods that are made with saturated fats dangerous.

It will be easier to subtract the amount of fat in food products if you eat between meals, seeds and dried fruits nuts and almonds type. They contain unsaturated oils and protein, increases satiety. Customized fat loss program

Fruits and vegetables daily

Fruits and vegetables lowers cholesterol by pectin and fiber, which help remove fat with the seat. Rich in fiber are whole grains and brown rice. In addition, these foods increase satiety, so that can be a rich and healthy meal.